Michael D. Congdon is a business strategist, entrepreneur, and media producer.  His award-winning work spans across many industries, offering a global perspective and creative eye.  

Michael D. Congdon is a business strategist. He helps leaders to define, develop, and execute strategic plans that solve complex problems.

His strengths are business plan development, analysis, and execution road maps.  Congdon excels at leading goal-oriented teams to execute defined strategies while adapting to real-world changes.

Michael D. Congdon has led a life of leadership.  His experience includes ventures in media production, oyster aquaculture, venture capital, education, real estate, and more.  He believes that developing an exceptional brand that is beyond expectations is the key to any venture's success, and that the customer experience defines that brand.  From conceptualization and development, to fund-raising and execution, Congdon has the experience to lead, the imagination to innovate, and the drive to execute.


As owner of Artesian Entertainment Group, Michael D. Congdon is a producer of award-winning music, national television, and feature films.  With his roots in audio engineering and music production, Congdon's business has grown to include professional film, photography, graphics, and education.  Congdon works with clients to develop creative brand-driven concepts that engage customers and provoke genuine emotion.  He develops your budget, forms an executional strategy, and manages every aspect of the production to ensure a final product that is delivered on-time and under budget, from cradle to grave.

In the music world, Congdon has worked with A-list clients like Chris Brown, Tyga, Wale, Brandy, and Trey Songz.  His work on Chris Brown's FAME album won a GRAMMY for R&B Album of the Year, and his work on McBeth's 125 Pounds won Acoustic Song of the Year by the Independent Music Awards.  He has also produced #1 hit records in both America and Taiwan.  He has worked on such feature films as Shooting the Prodigal, The Rebound, and Boarder Town, and produced web content for companies such as AVAIL Vapor, NASCAR, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and Tangier Island Oyster Company.

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